Il Fattorino
Background: Spring Wine and Spirits is a wine importer based in Sweden. They supply wine shops, restaurants and bars all across the country with a variety of alcohol beverages. 
Brief: Come up with a new concept and design for a wide Italian wine portfolio which is not limited to one certain region or producer. 
Solution: Make something exciting about that the brand is not limited to a certain vineyard, place or region but have the possibility to search for the best blends all across Italy. The brand was named “il fattorino”, which translates into “delivery guy”. Which is the essence of the brand; gathering blends from different producers under one common brand. The bottle became easy to spot by the iconic biplane. Each and every blend got a customized paintjob with its own personality and story, making the consumer excited for the next blend. The brand became viral by creating a 1 minute 8 bit-inspired game play, telling the essence of the brand in a playful and inspiring way.
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