Mani di Bacco 
Background: Mani di Bacco is winery based in the Valpolicella valley in Northern Italy. The winery produces both classic D.O.C. blends as well as more avant garde wines. 
Brief: To develop a design for their standard range consisting of: Amarone, Ripasso and Valpolicella Classico.
Solution: We built a concept and design based on the name: Mani Di Bacco, which translates into "The Hand of Bacchus". The wine itself is very fruity and flowery. To emphasize and to describe the flavour, each blend had its own set of illustration of flowers and plants integrating with the iconic hand. The result is a range of wines which has a strong visual link but also some variations to differentiate each and every blend.
Illustration by Cécile Hallberg
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