Coop Nuts
Background: Coop’s inhouse design department has developed a successful private label ranges that reaches from milk to shampoo. 
Brief: To assist Coops inhouse department to create products within the nuts category which is dominated by generic brands. The task was to create a design range which was credible but still broke the category language, which was dominated by brands relying on big logos and generic pictures of nuts. 
Solution: We identified the competitors lack of humour and personality within the design. The “coop -range” was turned in to a family. We brought the nuts underneath an umbrella name: “Vilka nötter”, which is translated into “nut cases”. Each and every nut was a nutcase, where the history and a personalilty was described in a report next to the “nutcase” 
Co-creative: Jonas Malmquist, Coop Egna Varumärken Design
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