Grythyttans glöggfabrik
Background: Sweden has a long tradition of mulled wine (glogg in Swedish). From the end of November – the state-controlled wineshops (Systembolaget) dedicate a whole section to this sweet and spicy drink which has become a must in each family up until Christmas. The competition is getting tougher. The whole section becomes red, and it is hard to stand out among the competition. Even though some brands are trying to reinvent the product with different flavours and more modern designs. Most of the consumers seem to prefer it in the old-fashioned style.

Brief: Vitalize the dark, anonymous brand with a look that grasped the essence of a traditional Swedish Christmas. Give the brand a look that felt traditional without using red as a brand colour. 

Solution: Give the brand some heritage to match the consumer’s expectations of a traditional Christmas. Skogsglögg (which means mulled wine from the forest) was given a deep green background color to match the name. The Place where it is produced is known for its untouched forests. “Grythyttans glöggfabrik/Grythyttan glogg producer” was added as a name, to give the consumer which forest we were referring to.For the design. The keyword was “the more the merrier”. Inspiration came from old fashion wax candle packaging, Swedish snaps and historical building from the 14th century. The product should become a Swedish classic even though its heritage stretched back only to 2001. Ornaments and swashes were added to give it a premium yet traditional appearance. The red stripe in the bottom was added to match the red capsule colour. A high contrasting foil was added to the ornaments to make sure to bling all the competitors out of the shelf.
Before and after the redesign 
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