Mani Di Domani
Mani di Bacco is a small winery in the Valpolicella valley. Besides their traditional blends, they also create unique Amarone blend in collaboration with Club Amarone. This blend is
 which is matured on Swedish oak barrels which gives it a slightly different taste.

To come up with sub brand and label to Mani di Bacco, which celebrates the creativity of the winemaker: Marco Borghetti , without losing connection to the mainbrand/winery.

The name “Mani di Domani” which translates into “Hands of tomorrow” had a link to the winery but also make clear that the winery is forward-thinking.

Marco was portrayed as a magician where he out of grapes turn it  into something more than just grape juice with alcohol.

A Layer of glow-in-dark ink was put on some areas on the label to make it even more spectacular.
Illustration by Mikael Eriksson, Rihuset
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