Raimondi Amarone
Background: Villa Monteleone is a winery in the Valpolicella area in northern Italy. The winery is run by Lucia Raimondi, an American immigrant with Colombian roots. Like any other winemakers, Lucia puts her personally touch to the wine without losing the traditional Amarone cues. 
Brief: To interpret the personal touch for each vintage of this special blend, aged on an Swedish oak cask with a limited edition of 293 bottles. 
Solution: Each and every vintage gets its own visual interpretation the year it was produced. Clarifications: 2010 ”Fated”– A poem by Randy Gosda. It tells us story of the marriage between Italian wine and Swedish oak. 2011 ”The struggle within” The tug of war between Italians and Colombians. It describes a difficult year for Lucia. She was torn between her family roots in Colombia and her home in Italy. 2013 ”Escursione di Raimondi/Raimondi on tour”. 2012-2013, Lucia went abscent to see her family. That is why the 2013 vintage was produced on a nearby winery (Massimago), still on the same kind of oak cask but with a slightly different blend. This vintage was overlooked by another winemaker: Camilla Rossi Chauvenet. 2012 ”La ricerca per Raimondi/the search for Raimondi”. During the time Lucia was abscent no wine was bottled at Villa Monteleone. But the barrel was there, waiting, hiding in the cave for Lucias’ return On Lucias’ arrival the vintage was recovered and all 293 bottles was once again bottled at Villa Monteleone. 
The wine range 2011-2014 won gold at the 20th FAB-Awards in 2018.
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