The trinity of Raimondi
Background: Wine is like no other beverages. The weather has a great impact on each and every vintage. Some wineries and brands want to have a consistency throughout the vintages and adding other grape varieties and additives to keep a constant flavor to each and every vintage. Some don’t. 
Brief: Educate the consumer that the wine is a live product and the weather has a great impact on the final result. 
Solution: Focusing on how the weather affected the harvest and the blends for the different vintages '14-'16. The Raimondi 2014 was renamed “Rainmondi” with added glossy spot varnish to resemble rain. The 2015 vintage is printed with heat sensitive ink and when the temperature reaches 25 degrees the black logo turns into a red-hot logo. 2016 was a unique vintage with the perfect weather conditions and was renamed "Raremondi".
The oyster is illustrated by Mikael Eriksson at Rithuset.
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